Many an Arizona termite control company as well as ones from outside the state offer a free termite inspection to homeowners concerned that they might have a pest problem but unwilling to get a full-on treatment before verification that there is indeed a problem. Most people, though, are uncertain of what exactly goes on in a termite inspection. The average termite inspection is fairly straightforward, and generally takes only around an hour, give or take some minutes, to accomplish.

When your Arizona termite control expert comes in to perform the free termite inspection, you should expect him or her to actually discuss the matter with you first. This interview is not just for formality’s sake: it is also to let the specialist discern details that may be useful to the actual inspection. You are likely to be asked about your experiences or run-ins with the critters, what the cause of your suspicions is, and whether or not you have any remaining evidence from the signs you detected (e.g. remaining piles or mounds of termite frass).

After that, the expert usually starts with the physical inspection, which shall cover both the interior and exterior areas of your home. Be warned that any free termite inspection has to be undertaken with tools such as probing materials or tiny drills intended to let the expert get access to the wooden parts of your home and their deeper sections. Sometimes, it may be necessary to let the termite control technician work at some small part of your walls with a mini screwdriver. Do not be worried if this happens: these people are trained to handle your walls and property carefully, and any damage that might be caused by the inspection is typically negligible, in the form of near-invisible drill holes and the like.

Be warned too that when an Arizona termite control company performs an inspection, it has to study every part of the house that could potentially be affected. This means going beyond the rooms and into the attic and crawlspace. This means checking both the foundation and the basement. This also means inspecting the wooden furniture, as these can usually end up housing termites as well.

Finally, once the free termite inspection is done, your Arizona termite control company representative or technician should talk to you again in order to give you a verbal report of what they have discovered (or not discovered, if you are fortunate enough to have no termites at your house). This verbal account is augmented by a paper document that is filed away as a hardcopy record of what the inspector has found. If it is discovered that you have an infestation, the inspector usually gives you your termite extermination options as well as a description of the extent of the damage.