The Sydney-based termite control company Termguard just announced that its termite prevention system, also sold under the name Termguard, is guaranteed to last for as many as 50 years. This would give it a significant advantage over other termite control systems that often last for about a tenth of that time.

The industry leading guarantee of termite control is actually better termed a guarantee of termite prevention, since the Termguard control system is one that belongs to the category of pretreatments (sometimes called pretreats). A pretreatment for termites is a process whereby a hindrance or barrier is installed or made part of a structure’s construction plans in order to discourage the pests from getting in later on.

An example of pretreatment that would be classed as a hindrance-based system would be the treatment of wood prior to construction with anti-termite chemicals. The same would go for the use of similarly prepared wood or wood that has been noted to have significant termite resistance.

Barrier type pretreats, on the other hand, may come as either physical barriers or chemical barriers. An example of a physical barrier would be the installation of a something such as a wire mesh or rock wall in the ground surrounding the foundations of the house, to prevent termites (subterranean ones, that is) from tunnelling through the soil and destroying the house from bottom-up. An example of a chemical barrier would be the Termguard system and like measures that install a barrier of chemically-infused soil around a structure.

The Termguard system, then, is best considered a pretreatment, and this is part of the reason its makers can stand to deliver such a powerful warranty for the product. That having been acknowledged, it must also be granted that the warranty is still remarkable for its length. Even if pretreatments do tend to last far longer than standard post-construction measures of termite prevention and control, 50 years is an impressive promise, especially given that termiticides (pesticides for termites) eventually degrade in the soil and must thus be reapplied for continued efficacy later on. Termguard is also renewable, by the way, as the company was quick to explain.

The Australian termite control company was established in 1986 and reached the USA in 2002. Australia is a land that also suffers from an excess of termites—some of its termites are famous for their rate of destruction, even—so there has always been a good deal of Australian development and technology adding to the body of work on termite control and treatment worldwide. Termguard is just one of the major Australian termite treatment companies in that country. It currently has licensees all over Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.