How to remove mosquitoes from the garden

Summer is just around the corner and with it also returns the desire to relive the green spaces of your home. You can’t wait to organize a dinner in the garden or relax in the shade while reading a good book or listening to music. These pleasant activities could turn into a nightmare because of the mosquitoes. As every year, the pesky insects are ready to colonize your home and sting you when you least expect it.

Fortunately, there are many remedies to get rid of mosquitoes from your garden. They are designed for environments of all sizes and ideal even in the presence of trees, shrubs, ponds or other water sources. Mosquito foggers can be also a nice solution.

Get mosquitoes away from the garden: more effective remedies

In Italy there are several species of mosquitoes, some dangerous both for humans and pets. Their bites can cause swelling, redness and intense itching, but in the most serious cases they cause dangerous diseases, such as Yellow Fever or filariasis, a disease that can become lethal for dogs and cats.

How to fight them? The first step is to make the garden an inhospitable place for mosquitoes. These insects tend to lay their eggs in warm and humid spaces. Stagnant water sources, such as saucers, are the ideal habitat in which to reproduce. For this reason, it is essential to empty any bowls or other containers daily, in addition to choosing specific plants, such as lemongrass or geranium, which in addition to decorating also manage to keep away mosquitoes.

Often choosing these repellents is not enough: a mosquito needs only a few millimeters of water to proliferate and it is not always possible to keep a garden completely dry. Many people rely on mosquito lotions to be sprinkled on the body: these are only a temporary remedy and do not eliminate the problem at the root. Mosquitoes will continue to live undisturbed, still managing to sting that patch of skin that has not been properly sprinkled.

A possible solution could be the famous zampirone composed of compressed pyrethrum powders that, burning slowly, produce a smoke capable of driving away the insects. However, it is precisely those clouds of smoke that create an additional problem: the smoke is breathed, creates discomfort, invades the environment. Not to mention that all these products, in the long run, are translated into important expenses, but unable to solve the problem definitively.

Pyrethrum and its derivatives represent an excellent solution to fight mosquitoes. Pyrethrum is obtained from a sort of large daisy, called Tanacetum cinerariifoliume, pyrethroids have a similar synthetic molecule. They can be used in a non-invasive and environmentally friendly and yet effective against mosquitoes. There is a technology that allows it. Forget about mosquitoes, stoves and the like so, there are alternatives to use these insecticides effectively and in respect of health and the environment.

Anti-garden mosquito systems: which are the most effective?

Anti-mosquito systems can be installed on terraces, courtyards, gardens and other green areas of the house. The best ones also protect the home safely and effectively. In addition to functionality, it is also important to choose flexible solutions, which adapt to the size of the environment and are activated when necessary, according to actual needs.

iZanz is one of the best on the market. It is a system designed and patented in Italy, designed to ensure maximum protection from mosquitoes, based on the characteristics of the space and the needs of those who live there.

Before installation, we study the size of the space and the corners to be guarded. Then, we proceed with the creation of the system. The latter has nebulizers that are placed in the garden so as to ensure complete coverage of the house.