The Georgia-based, Atlanta termite control company Evans Termite and Pest Control, took home the award for the “most creative” category in Locust Grove’s recent Scarecrow Village exhibit. The termite control company’s exhibit was centered on bedbugs and its goal was to promote better information and awareness of these annoying critters.

Locust Grove holds a regular Scarecrow Village exhibit competition during the Halloween season, and th aim is to have local businesses present an exhibit or display that makes use of a scarecrow while also advertising the company itself. The termite control company’s bedbug awareness display was found quite intriguing by most onlookers, and was also found to be a very innovative take on the exhibit competition’s parameters.

The displays were shown in the downtown Scarecrow Village area and were shown through the entirety of the previous month, October. The Scarecrow Village celebration of Locust Grove is also heralded by the appearance of various types of scarecrows in the town, making it a very picturesque, seasonal sort of area to visit around this time. Most of the visitors are families, as children particularly love seeing the scarecrow exhibits and seeing which one they like best.

The display put up by the termite control company was apparently designed to be especially enjoyable to children. According to officials at the company, making something that would be fun for children was a big part of the considerations that went into the creation of their display, along with the need to participate in the community event and show the local area that they could help in the promotion of the event. The display was certainly intriguing to any child, what with the large plaque set up in front that says “The Curse of the Bedbug”.

While the Scarecrow Village event has already concluded, another event for the community is coming up towards the end of this month, with the annual lighting of the town tree to be held with several local choirs’ performances on the 24th. The lighting of the tree is going to be at 1900hrs of that day, and shall be heralding the start of Locust Grove’s Christmas season. Families are being invited to come because children shall be sure to enjoy this event again: Santa is coming for pictures.

Evans Pest Control is a termite control company that has been operating for a decade. It was established in 1991, and which makes use of only the most advanced, efficient, and environmentally-friendly termite control methods available in the market at the moment. It also makes use of the EnviroGuard system for its termite extermination and pest elimination procedures. The company focuses on being safe, effective, and yet eco-friendly all in one go.