The Black Diamond Termite and Pest Control company is expanding to Indiana and has recently started work on building its new facilities in the area. The termite control company is also planning to hire employees to staff the place and has said that they are looking to hire as many as 25 pest and termite extermination technicians to handle business in the area.

A family-owned business, Black Diamond first began its activities in pest and termite control in 1940, and holds its current headquarters at New Albany. At the moment, it lays claim to the title of being the sole full service pest control company serving the Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana area. The new expansion project is going to be focused on a 9000-square-foot centre that is going to serve as the new office space for the expanded location. Beyond that, the company has also stated that it has plans to revamp other properties, in order to help accommodate the company’s progress and the demands of customers.

The announcement was greeted as positive news by locals, considering the promise of potential work in such a beat-up economy. While only about two dozen positions are going to be available, termite control experts and all others who have had experience in professional pest control are encouraged to apply to the company. The quoted base rate is going to begin anywhere from $10 to $25, on a per-hour basis.

The Black Diamond Termite and Pest Control company is not restricted to termites or insect problems. It also offers a multitude of treatment options for pest infestations of all kinds, even if its speciality is in dealing with wood-destroying insects. Capable of carrying out both residential and commercial pest control, the company has also made a name for itself in the real estate market by offering termite inspection services for buyers and sellers in the real estate market, an important task for everyone concerned in such transactions.

The company is also covered by a sizeable amount of liability insurance, making it a fairly safe company to work with. At 2 million dollars of general liability coverage, customers can be sure that this is a company full dedicated to promising and achieving only the best and most satisfying work for clients. Whenever people are searching for termite exterminators, it pays to always get a company that is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, as indeed any advisor in business would say.

People interested in working for Black Diamond and in possession of the pest or termite control experience required for the job may get in touch with the company at the employment page on its official website, or may approach local offices/branches of the firm for assistance in applying.